Blohm + Voss / ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (GER)

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Blohm + Voss / ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (GER) Empty Blohm + Voss / ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (GER)

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1929 Cyprus dl Internat. Expl. Corporation, New York
1929 Rosenkavalier / Haida G 66m/217ft Max C. Fleischmann, New York
1929 Amida dl Ernst R. Behrend, Erle, Pennsylvania
1929 Lone Star dl George F. Bourne, New York
1929 Orion 102m/335ft Julius Forstmann, New York
1929 Carissima dl J. A. Talbot, Los Angeles, California
1930 Chalena dl Charles E. F. McCann, New York
1930 Etak dl Walter G. Ladd, New York
1930 Talitha G/Revler 80m/263ft Russel Alger, USA
1931 Savarona 134m/440ft Emily Calwalader
1931 Alva dl W. K. Vanderbilt, New York
1931 Argosy dl Charles A. Stone, New York
1931 Hussar/Sea Cloud 108m/354ft Marjorie Post / E.F. HuttonAL
1935 Grille 143m/469ft Reichsmarine
1955 Christina 100m/328ft A.S. Onassis
1973 Atlantis I / Issham Al Baher 115m/377ft St. S. Niarchos
1981 Atlantis II 115m/377ft St. S. Niarchos
1987 Katalina / Astarte II 65m/213ft n.n.
1990 Golden Odyssey 76m/249ft n.n.
1990 Lady Moura 105m/344ft n.n.
1991 ECO/Enigma 74m/243ft n.n.
1998 Dubai 160m/525ft n.n.
1999 Al Salamah 140m/459ft n.n.
2000 MY Tatoosh * 92m/302ft n.n.
2003 Octopus 127m/417ft n.n.
2006 Triple Seven * 66m/217ft n.n.
2008 MY Siren* 73m/240ft n.n.
2008 Mayan Queen IV 93m/302ft n.n.
2008 Motor Yacht A 119m/390ft n.n.
971 94m/308ft n.n.
2009 978 > 160m/525ft n.n. (Eclipse)

Blohm + Voss / ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (GER) Octopus_neu_1_g


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